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Light Pharma

We are an exciting technology company that provides unique and cutting edge solutions for the life sciences, health care and high technology sectors.

We partner with industry , academia and government to provide range of information services that help transform the way data, information and knowledge are created, managed and used across organizations.

Our vision and capability provide tremendous value to our partners.


To develop world-class consulting, technology, operations and facilities capabilities that can be leveraged to address the most challenging social, environmental and healthcare related needs in the US, Europe, Asia and the Middle East.


To be a world-renowned consulting, technology, operations and facilities company that positively impacts human welfare globally through sustainable solutions for society, the environment and healthcare.

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Director | GVN Raju

G.V.N Raju is one of the early innovators in the software industry. After working for IBM Corporation in New York for many years, he helped Bharat Electronics Limited (BEL) develop system specifications for computerization. He has since been an entrepreneur and helped bring many innovative products to market. 

He has a BS in Physics from Banaras Hindu University. BS and MS in Industrial Engineering from  U.S.


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